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In order to learn the RBC method you can also watch two videos, the instructional and the practice one.
You can find them both and rent or buy them on Vimeo

  1. For a complete demonstration, begin learning the technique using the instructional video. It is available at
  2. The practice video helps to master the technique. This is available at

Watch the trailer below


The Winning Strategy:

This is an instructional video to demonstrate the RBC Technique. Once learned and practised, the technique helps you recover faster for competitive advantage and optimum performance in sport. In this video Dr. Vijay Pabbathi who is the creator of the RBC technique explains how to use the RBC Technique properly. Vijay gives a practical demonstration of the technique and explains everything including how to recognise when it is working for you, troubleshooting and necessary precautions. “Put your recovery to work for you. Your opponent won’t see you recovery coming.”

Full instructional video is available at

Practice the RBC technique:

This video helps to practice the RBC Technique within 7 minutes.

For learning how to use the RBC method, please see the demonstration video (see above), titled as “The Winning Strategy”.

The practice video is available at

“Controlled recovery guarantees success.”

It is also important to adjust the RBC Method according to the sporting activity and training schedule to increase the quality of the recovery period.  So, tailoring the RBC Method according to the training requirement will induce better adaptation.

 “The best time to practice the RBC Method is directly after exhaustion (for example, after a training session or during sporting breaks).”

 “If practised well before the tournament, it is possible to recover within 3 minutes during sporting breaks.”

“Practice how you recover between sessions of active training, similar to your strength training because winning begins through recovery.”

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