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As a former professional biathlete

As a former professional biathlete and a current Ironman, I have used the RBC technique not only leading up to big competitions but also in hectic everyday situations. As a biathlete, I used it regularly to prepare myself for the task lying ahead. In my last competition this summer (Norseman Xtreme triathlon) I used it to prepare for the long hard struggle over the mountains. It really helped me to think positive when the going got really tough. I can recommend this to other people, and not just for sports purposes. If you have a big challenge ahead, I am almost certain that the RBC technique can help you get through it, if used properly.

Andreas Mjåland

As Belgian champion

I was an international sailor and Belgian champion until glandular fever forced me to quit sailing for more than a year. I had to start over from zero and have been training the last year. The RBC Technique helped me doing so. It is a great way to help your body and mind reconnect with each other and to find focus. The RBC technique has helped me and I would definitely recommend it to other athletes! Make sure to give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Eline De Blende

As a former world champion

As a former world champion in canoeing and later student of Chiropractic, I have greatly benefitted from the use of the RBC Technique. Having mental clarity and being reconnected to the present moment helps to let go of fears and regrets. During competition, a technique like this can be the difference between a gold medal and not even being on the podium. As a student it helped me to control my exam anxiety. I am very grateful for this special journey.

Lennart Kriebel

In the Clinic

It is one of the most powerful tools that I can leave my patients with because it is easy to teach and practice. I have been using this technique since 2011 and it has been big part of my life. I use it personally and in a clinical setting at the Milton Chiropractic Clinic in Cambridge, UK.

Dr Marcin Dochnal

Nordic Champion in Karate

The RBC technique has helped me relax and recover from physical and psychological stress in competition settings. One of the many challenges I faced on the path to becoming a Nordic Champion, in WKF karate, was the psychological stress associated with the competition setting, more than the training itself. The RBC technique helped me relax and centre myself. Highly recommended.

Christian Haagensen

Have been an athlete

I have been an athlete my self and have been working as S&C coach and Rehab Specialist for over 15 years and what I have seen is that injuries, losing and bad psychology comes from the neglected recovery process. I have been using the RBC method for myself and with my athletes and general population clients and all have seen the benefits of this technique. Highly recommend RBC method to those who want to gain more from their recovery and performance!

Rocco Venizelos

Quick And Effective

As a freediver, mental and physical relaxation, I have found this technique to be the quickest way to achieve it. I have also been using it for recovery between dives. I have showed it to one of my fellow divers, she found it very useful too. Quick and effective!

Dr. Mo

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