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How to recover faster for optimum performance in sport

 “The secret weapon is recovering quicker and more efficiently than your opponent”.

Discover the effective way to increase your sports performance, with the breakthrough method of recovery. The RBC Technique helps you to complement the physical, mental and tactical aspects of preparation to maximise actions through the body’s natural physiology.

Reboot         Restore         Recover

The book is a 3-in-1 guide to help you perform at optimal levels and regain focus on your goals by teaching you how to reboot cognition, restore the body’s pH, and help the body recover by clearing a metabolite, lactic acid. It is a safe and natural technique that takes advantage of the way the body works and responds in order to deliver energy again after exhaustion. This book helps you Learn how to use the RBC method and how it works

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“Control your recovery to control the game.”

What you will find in this book

The eleven chapters in this book take you through the following composition of the RBC Method and how it provides equilibrium throughout your entire body. There is an insight into what happens to your body and mind during exhaustion and how fatigue affects your performance during an important game or event. I have provided instructions on how to alter and adjust the pulsing pH changes around the brain tissue that can cause fatigue and reduce metabolites (such as blood lactate) allowing an individual to regain lost focus, empowering them during a sporting break to allow a greater chance of achieving success.

Chapter 2 explains what the desired characteristics of an ideal recovery technique would be. For example, an ideal recovery technique should be: able to provide results such as fast recovery, eliminate metabolites, involve the whole body, bring balance (homeostasis), reduce neuromuscular excitability and provide consistent perceived recovery. Chapter 2 describes the changes that are expected to occur in the body when using an ideal technique.

Chapter 3 explains what happens in the body at a molecular level when we are exhausted, to allow us to recognise the importance of efficient and effective recovery. When the body is fatigued or exhausted, several changes occur in the normal physiological processes which will have adverse effects on various bodily activities. The ideal result of an effective recovery technique is to maintain balance in the body. Chapter 3 describes certain molecular changes not previously considered outside the academic world, that has been revealed, with a view to highlighting the importance of an effective recovery technique.

Chapter 4 is where the importance of recovery is explained using forty individual philosophical constructs – which also serve as motivational statements. The objective here is ensuring that we recognise the significance of an effective recovery technique. Here I further explain the pressing need to learn a suitable recovery technique that can be used to boost your strength during tournaments and used for wider improvement in wellbeing.

Chapter 5 reveals more about the RBC Method, starting with how to use the technique properly.  If recovery is so important to you or your team’s success, then you must embrace it, but in a healthy way. This chapter reveals everything you need to know about the RBC Method, including how to recognise when it is working for you, troubleshooting and necessary precautions. With a few Do‘s and Don’ts found here, the RBC Method is achieved aerobically using your body movement without the need for supplements. It requires your total attention and involves your breathing activity. You feel refreshed and encouraged to improve after properly carrying out the RBC Method. It works from the molecular level of the body to the systemic level to make the body function effectively as a whole.

In chapter 6, you will explore the research evidence highlighting how the RBC Method works. You can employ the RBC Method as often as you want without supervision because it’s completely healthy, natural and safe for your body – unlike supplements which need to be used under supervision and require extensive controls.

Chapter 7 describes why using the RBC technique makes you stronger. On a molecular level, what makes the body to recover?

Chapter 8 also elaborates on the details of how the rebooting protocol begins to make the body recover.

Chapter 9 also elaborates on the details of how the restoring protocol begins to make the body recover.

Chapter 10 answers why the RBC Method is an ideal recovery tool and provides an opportunity to reflect on how effective it could be for you.

The book ends with Chapter 11 by providing a detailed explanation of how the RBC Method can become an essential part of your winning strategy. In other words, Chapter 11 is about how to get the most out of using the RBC Method without jeopardising your daily routine or training regime. By applying the RBC Method, I am confident that one can make the body adaptable to efficient recovery when it matters, for a considerable increase in your athletic performance.

“This is your game, your fight, your recovery – master it and take control.”

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