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Effective Recovery for Improved Performance in sports

Re-Booting Cognition (RBC) Technique is a safe and natural technique to deliver time-bounded body’s response within 3 to 7 minutes. The RBC Technique consists of a series of sequential steps which include simultaneous use of the pulse and extended exhalation to regain energy and feel alive again.

Discover the safe and effective way to increase your sports performance, with the breakthrough method of recovery. The RBC Technique helps you to complement the physical, mental and tactical aspects of preparation to maximise actions from a natural remedy. The technique is patent pending.

If you are wondering…
  • What is the winning team’s secret?
  • How to find the power in your recovery?

  • How to recover within 3 min for optimum performance?

Learn from the Recovery Expert Now

Dr. Vijay Pabbathi
Email: vijay@rbctechnique.co.uk

Book: Winning Begins Through Recovery
Video: Winning Begins Through Recovery

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